Full-stack software engineer: expertise in JavaScript, React, Redux, Node, ORMs, TDD. Additional experience in Ruby on Rails, PHP, and the PyData stack. Current interests include data management, DevOps, and developer tools.


Technical Projects

At Fullstack:

  • DevBook (Firebase, GitHub)

    JS coding workbook with realtime container provisioning, inspired by Beaker and RunKit.

    Led API work; notebook interaction design and UI; and microservice refactors, docs, testing.

    Technologies used: Node, Docker, React, Firebase, CodeMirror, Material UI.

  • regbin (npm, GitHub)

    Form validation function generator: regularized bindings for form fields against which to test data.

    Built-in support for 32 default fields, async and custom validators, Redux Form.

    Nerd Cred award for most technically challenging project, Fullstack Academy “Stackathon.”

  • D & D (Heroku, GitHub)

    Ecommerce for an NYC-based spirits store.

    Architected app flows, built out API, practiced TDD, became the go-to debugger.

    Stack: Node, Express, Sequelize, React-Redux, Flexbox; APIs: Passport, Stripe, Semantic UI.

At Wake Forest:

At Metis:

  • Celebrity Chef Recipe Suggester (GitHub): Wouldn’t you like to see what celebrity chefs could do with your ingredients?
  • Homologies of Biblical Proportions (GitHub): NLP comparing rhetoric across multiple versions of written work.
  • Preprocessing for Coronary Artery Disease Classification (GitHub): Featuring a machine learning pipeline for imputing missing values.
  • MovieLens Tag Genome Toolkit (GitHub): Functions for dealing with data from the MovieLens Tag Genome Dataset.
  • Markov Text Generator (GitHub): Markov humor, formal language, Foucauldian undertones?

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