Four Notes to Self

  1. More specific questions lead to better answers. Break things down. Communicate precisely where the lag in understanding lies. Find the root of the gap. Plug that.

  2. Knowing where you’re wanting to go will help you get there. Questions of the form, “How do I get from A to B?” are answerable questions.

  3. Aim for an exhaustive understanding of all relevant particulars. Vague understanding tends not to lend enough of an answer to satisfy a question. Go over things again. Learning content is a lot like memorizing it. You don’t stop when you’ve got only a general understanding of what the correct version of the content is. You keep repetitively practicing until you’ve got the phrase-for-phrase right thing down pat. Aim for what you won’t forget.

  4. Don’t apologize for asking questions. Lean into fear of circular conversation. Far better it is to gain thorough understanding than to fear its means. Consider repetition as a means of fleshing-out.